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Giving of one more option to GDS for enrolment under the Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS), if not already enrolled and granting of permission to GDS to make contribution to the Service Discharge Benefit Scheme.

                                                              F.No. 6-11/2009-PE-II(Part)




Dated 31st October, 2013

SUBJECT:-  Giving of one more option to GDS for enrolment under the Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS), if not already enrolled and granting of permission to GDS to make contribution to the Service Discharge Benefit Scheme.
Kindly refer to Directorate’s OM No. 6-11/2009-PE-II dated 1.4.2011 on the above noted subject under which the notification for introducing Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) for GDS was forwarded for implementation. This Scheme came into effect from 1st April, 2011 with the conditions mentioned in the notification. As per the regulations of this Scheme, the Department of Posts makes a subscription of Rs. 200/- per month for each GDS enrolled under this Scheme. For the GDS engaged prior to introduction of the Scheme, this scheme was optional and those who were interested in joining the scheme had to give option (willingness) to come under the scheme. About 70% GDS opted for the scheme while the remaining did not. The GDS were not required to make any contribution from their side under the Scheme.
The service Federations/Unions have raised the matter with this office for:-
(i)           Giving one final opportunity to GDS who had earlier not opted for the scheme, but now want to opt for the scheme.

(ii)          To allow the GDS beneficiaries to also make personal subscription/contribution towards this scheme in addition to the contribution being made by the Department.

2.       These two proposals mentioned above have been examined in the Department in consultation with the Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA), the nodal department for this Scheme as well as CRA (Central Recordkeeping Agency) of NSDL (National Securities Depository Ltd.), and the following decision have been taken:-
(i)     “To extend one extra option to the existing Gramin Dak Sevaks to come under the ambit of the Scheme”:
It has been decided to extend one more and last option to the existing GDS to exercise their option for their enrollment under the Scheme in relaxation of the SDBS Regulations (Provisional) 2011. The GDS must enroll himself before 31st January, 2014. The GDS so enrolled now as a result of this option shall be treated to have come under the Scheme from the month of their enrollment. Government’s subscription on their behalf shall commence to be deposited from that month.
The GDS having less than 3 years period of engagement as on 1.1.2014 shall not been eligible to exercise this option.
The Head of the Unit concerned should have the prescribed enrolment application forms filled up by the GDS opting for the Scheme and shall forward the same for their enrollment to the Central Record Keeping Agency, NSDL as per the existing channel and procedure. In such cases, (where the GDS is opting now for this Scheme), he shall be eligible to the accrued severance amount calculated up to the month immediately preceding the month of his enrolment.
(ii)          “To allow the GDS beneficiaries also to subscribe/contribute towards the Scheme”:
It has also been decided to allow the GDS beneficiaries to contribute towards this Scheme at the rate of Rs. 200/- per month per GDS. This will be effective from the month of October 2013. The contribution towards this Scheme shall be deducted by the concerned DDO from the monthly TRCA of the GDS and deposited with the designated Bank by adding this amount to the Government’s contribution as per existing procedure. In other words, a total of Rs. 400/- each month will be deposited with the designated bank, out of which Rs. 200/- would be the contribution by the Department, as per the existing procedure and the remaining Rs. 200/- would be the contribution of the GDS’s deducted from his monthly TRCA. First contribution in the regard shall be deducted from the TRCA of the enrolled GDS from the month of October, 2013. In case, any Circle/Unit/DDO is not able to deduct the amount of GDS contribution from the TRCA for the month of October, 2013, due to late receipt of these instructions etc., the contribution for the month of October, 2013 shall be deducted from the TRCA of the GDS for the month of November, 2013 along with contribution for November, 2013.
In respect of the GDS enrolled under this Scheme after the month of October, 2013 their contribution shall commence from the month of their enrollment along with the Government contribution.
These instructions may immediately be circulated to all concerned for immediate necessary action.
3.          This issue with the approval of the Competent Authority.





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Copy to:-

1.    DDG (PAF.) Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-1.
2.    Ms. Padma lyer Kaul, Executive Director, PFRD, Plot No.6, Vasant Kunj Institutional, Area, Phase II, New Delhi-110 070.
3.    Shri Chandrasekhar Tilak, Executive Vice-President, NSDL, Mumbai.
4.    Shri S.S. Mahadevaiah, General Secretary, All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union, First Floor, Post Office Bldg.,
         Padamnagar, Delhi-110 007.
5.    PPS to Secretary (P), Dak Bhawan.
6.    PPS to Member (P).
7.    DDG (Estt.)s
8.    Guard file.
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Allocation of funds to the Circle Welfare Fund for Gramin Dak Sewaks for the year 2013-2014

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Biennial Conference of AIPEU, Group-C, Cuttack North Division conducted successfully on 24.11.2013

The Biennial Conference of Cuttack North Division conducted successfully from 23.011.2013 to 24.11.2013 at Hotel Golden Palace, Kendrapara . While the Open Session was inaugurated by Sri Bijaya Ketan Pattnaik, Postmaster, Kendrapara H O, Sri G C Mohanty SPOs, Cuttack North Division, Com. Ramesh Ch. Mishra, Circle Secretary,   and Com. B Samal, Asst. Circle Secretary , AIPEU, Gr.-C, Odisha Circle addressed the session as Chief Gust, Chief Speaker and Hon'ble Speaker respectively.
The meeting was presided by Com. Pratap Ch. Mohanty, President, AIPEU, Gr.-C, Cuttack North Division..
The following Comrades were elected unanimously for the ensuing session.
1.Com. Pravakar Behera, Postmaster i/C, Pattamundai MDG - President
2. Com. Sarada Prasad Das, Accountant, Kendrapara H O - Secretary
3. Com. Simita Khatua, P A, Pattamundai MDG - Treasurer
4. Sy. Zahid Hassan, SPM, Tinimuhani S O - Auditor
AIPEU, Group-C, Bhubaneswar Division  greets all the newly elected office bearers of Cutrtack North Division.