Tuesday, June 21, 2016

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NFPE Circular on Federal Council

 National Federation of Postal Employees
1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001
        Phone: 011.23092771                                             e-mail: nfpehq@gmail.com
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          No. PF-2/2013                                                                      Dated: 18th  June , 2016
All General Secretaries NFPE Union,All NFPE Office Bearers,
All Circle Secretaries NFPE Unions,
Convenor Reception Committee –Guwahati

Subject:        X Federal Council of NFPE at Guwahati (Assam)


            Xth Federal Council of NFPE will be held at District Library Auditorium, Pan Bazar Guwahati (Assam) from 07.09.2016 to 09.09.2016.

            The Federal Councilors allotted as per quota received from the affiliates is mentioned below:

            P-III                 = 27                            Ex. Officio                                    = 19
            P-IV                = 24                            (Office Bearers 11+GS 8= 19)                 
R-III                 = 10                            Fraternal Delegates (Non-Voting)
                                                            AIPEU GDS(NFPE)                      = 20
R-IV                =   1                             Casual Labourers Federation     =  3
Admn             =   1                            
Postal A/C    =   2
SBCO           =   1
Civil Wing    =   1

All General Secretaries are requested to finalize the names of Federal Councilors and ask them to book their up and down ward journey tickets at once to avoid inconvenience(Separate notice has been issued. Details of quota received, based on which Federal Councilors number is worked out, can be verified with NFPE HQ by the concerned General Secretary.

Federal Executive: Federal Executive of NFPE will be held at District Library Auditorium, Pan Bazar Guwahati (Assam) on 7.09.2016 at 10A.M. All NFPE Office Bearers and General Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting in time.

Thanking you.                                  
                                                                        Yours Comradely,

                                                            (R.N. Parashar)

Secretary General