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Railway Ticket Reservation through Post Offices- Railway Board extended MOU for another five years

Dear Comrades,
The Memorandum of Understanding entered between Railways and Postal Department five years for making necessary arrangements to facilitate Railway reservation at the counters set up at Post Offices, has been extended for five year. The full text of this Railway board communication dated 16.10.2012 is as follows.

No.2012/TG-I/20/P/NRH PRS 
New Delhi, dated 16.10.2012
The General Managers,
All Zonal Railways.
(Commercial Circular No.63 of 2012)
Sub: Extension of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Ministry of Railways and Department of Posts for issuing of reserved tickets through computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) terminals provided in Post Offices.
Please refer to this office letter of even number dated 08.08.2007 forwarding therewith a copy of MoU signed by Ministry of Railways with Department of Posts on 31.07.2007 for issuing of reserved tickets through computerized PRS terminals provided in the post office. This MoU was valid for a period of five years.
2. The issue regarding extension of this MoU has been examined in consultation with Finance Directorate of Board Office and it has been decided to grant post facto sanction for extension of this MoU for another five years on the existing terms and conditions.
3. Necessary instructions may be issued to all concerned.
(Dr. Monica Agnihotri)
Director Passenger Marketing
Railway Board
Posted by: AIPEU GDS (NFPE) Odisha Circle.                                                                  

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                   The GDS strike of Mahadeviah group ended on 22.10.2012.  In fact it was fizzled out.  Eventhough from 16.10.2012 onwards the leaders claimed 100% participation in all circles, the truth was entirely different.  Out of 22 circles, in 10 circles it was less than 5% and 6 circles only less than 10% of the Gramin Dak Sevaks went on strike.  In the remaining six circles it varied from 12% to 27% of the GDS. All India average of the strike is 18.1% of the total GDS.  This is the real picture of the strike.  All other claims are false and naked lies.  The percentage came down day-by-day and on 22nd the All India average was only 5% of the total of about three lakhs GDS.  Thus the strike fizzled out without any settlement.  (Those who have doubt about the figures can get it under RTI from all Circles and verify the truth).  Senior officers of the Department including Secretary, Department of Posts, Member (Personnel) and Minister Communications and Minister of State for Communications also rejected the request of the leaders for a last minute face-saving settlement.
                   NFPE has not made any adverse comment or statement against the strike or against the false claim of the leaders regarding All India Strike percentage, eventhough the Mahadevaiah group spread canards against NFPE and its leaders before the strike and also during the strike.  If NFPE had put it in its website the actual percentage of the strike in each circle, the strike would have fizzled out in the second day itself.  But NFPE never wants to break any strike, whether percentage is less or large.  Breaking the strike is not the tradition of NFPE.  So we tolerated every malicious attack against NFPE and its leaders till the strike is over.  Even now, while exposing the lies and hidden agenda of the Mahadevaiah group, we respect the sentiments of the GDS who participated in the strike without knowing the evil designs of the leadership.  We hope that those GDS who are misguided by the leaders, shall join the united struggle of the Central Govt. Employees on 12th December 2012 and also join the united movement of the Postal Employees led by National Federation of Postal Employees.
                   Everybody knows that the attack against the Postal Employees, whether it is GDS regularization or New Postal Policy 2012, is due to the neo-liberal economic policies pursued by the Central Government.  To fight against these policies, the largest unity of the employees and workers is the need of the hour.  Other than united struggle there is no shortcut.  When NFPE is trying to build up such a united struggle, unfortunately everytime the Mahadevaiah group is trying to break the unity at any cost.  During 2008 when NFPE and all its affiliated unions decided to go on indefinite strike from 06.01.2009, against the retrograde recommendations of the Natarajamurthy Committee, Mahadevaiah gave a call for indefinite strike from 17.12.2008, i.e.,  20 days ahead of the joint strike of NFPE.  Now again, due to our efforts when all the employees unitedly decided to go on strike on 12th December 2012, in which GDS demand is also one of the main demands, Mahadevaiah gave another sudden indefinite strike call from 16.10.2012.  He is playing in the hands of the ruling class and deliberately trying to break the unity among the departmental employees and Gramin Dak Sevaks.  The leader is behaving as an agent of the Government and poor GDS are the victims.  GDS are not going to be benefited by such sectarian strike.  Realising this majority of the GDS refused to join the ill-motivated strike this time.
                   On 10.05.2012, Sri. Mahadevaiah made following comments in his signed circular, copy of which is available with us:-  “The AIPEDEU is the single largest Postal Union, larger than all other Postal organisations, including NFPE......  They are afraid of AIPEDEU” (!!!).  When somebody claims that I am bigger than everyone else and all are afraid of me, we can imagine the mindset of such a person.  NFPE leaders will never make such egoistic statements.  Again in another circular which was circulated among the GDS throughout the country without putting name, the following derogatory and insulting comments are made against the legendary leader of the Postal Trade Union movement Late Com: K.Adinarayana - “Nobody including the great person repeatedly mentioned as the messiah of Postal workers including EDAs could even stir.  What was he doing?”  Thus it is very clear that the intention of Mahadevaiah is to project himself above all the leaders of the Postal Trade Union movement right from Tarapada to Adinarayana.  In fact he was elected in the year 1999 and became the General Secretary of the only recognised Union with the help of Com. Adinarayana and NFPE.  But after 1999, there was no gain for GDS, eventhose benefits achieved by NFPE through several years of struggle upto 1999, was taken away by the Government during  the tenure of Mahadevaiah.  He continued his attack against NFPE.  His number one enemy is NFPE.  This time the leader thought he can score through making it a fragmented game.  He want to avoid larger unity of entire Postal employees (Departmental and GDS) and also he want to avoid NFPE as he thought that if he join the joint struggle with NFPE he cannot become the hero.  He wanted to play one-upmanship over NFPE.
                   Naturally those who loved NFPE said “goodbye” to such a leader who is undemocratic, anti-NFPE, egoistic and decided to form separate GDS Union called AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) declaring themselves that they will work under the banner of NFPE and will be a part and parcel of NFPE.  NFPE decided to give associate membership to the new GDS Union led by Com. Panduranga Rao.  After formation of the new NFPE GDS Union Gramin Dak Sevaks of majority of the Circles joined the new union enbloc.  Remaining circles also GDS stated deserting Mahadevaiah group in a big way and joined NFPE GDS Union.  The very existence of the so-called recognised union was challenged due to the mass-scale exodus of the GDS.  Even in Karnataka which is the home-circle of the leader, 60% of the GDS joined the new union.  (Anybody can collect the strike percentage of Karnataka Circle under RTI and verify the fact).  It is at this moment the leader decided to declare a sudden strike from 16.10.2012 for his own existence and to prevent remaining GDS from deserting him.  But majority of the GDS realised his hidden agenda and refused to join the ill-motivated strike.  That is why the strike fizzled out and ended without any settlement.
                   NFPE calls upon the entire Postal Employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks to draw lessons from this fragmented strike and guard against those elements who are trying to break the unity of Postal employees again and again by spreading hatred among Departmental employees and Gramin Dak Sevaks.  Let us defeat such forces of destruction and unite together under the banner of our great organisation, National Federation of Postal Employees.  Let us strengthen the new GDS Union, AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) and ensure cent per cent unity among all Postal employees.  Let us work unitedly to make the historic strike of 12 December 2012 a grand success.
                   Remember, we are fighting against the anti-people, anti-working class policies of the Central Government.  Only a class oriented militant trade union like NFPE can alone build the unity of the entire Postal Workers and lead such a struggle in the Postal department.  Fragmented strike will create disunity and disappointment and will weaken the striking potential of the Postal employees and ultimately the Govt. will take advantage of it.  Our enemy is the ruling class and all the toiling masses are our comrades-in-arms in the struggle against the imperialist neo-liberal globalisation policies of the ruling class.  Let us not allow anybody to break this unity.
Posted by: AIPEU GDS (NFPE) Odisha Circle.

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  1. Protection of TRCA of GDS BPM

  1. Post boxes get a new address in Kerala

KOCHI: Snail mail like steam locomotives may have only vintage value. But the postal department, one of the last redoubts of an era when lost-in-transit had life threatening implications, is busy reinventing itself.
Concerned that many of its quaint red post boxes are in an unused and derelict state, the department is planning to relocate boxes with little or no intake of daily mail to areas where they might still serve a purpose.
According to the rationalisation plan, one-third of the over 35,000 post boxes attached to 12,000-odd post offices in the state will be relocated.
"There are boxes which have only one or two letters dropped a day. At the same time in many places residential associations and flat dwellers have been approaching the department to install post boxes. So we are relocating post boxes with less than 10 letters to those areas and it is being done after considering actual number of letters in various boxes," an official said.
Sources in the postal department admitted that in many places people are no longer willing to drop letters in boxes, preferring instead boxes located near main post offices in towns and cities. This is because these boxes are not regularly cleared by postmen.
Moreover, it is a common sight to see advertisement notices stuck all over post boxes at busy junctions while in by-lanes and tucked away streets various political parties and trade unions use the boxes to spread their own messages.
The decision to rationalise post boxes was taken a while back, but post office officials dismiss rumours that there are plans to do away with the system itself.
"No instructions were issued to do away with post boxes where only a few letters are dropped every day. Normally post boxes are kept in the same place even if letter droppings are low because of the change in the character of mail. But sometimes they are relocated," explained Shobha Koshy, chief post master general, Kerala Circle. She added that the department is very scruplous about ensuring that boxes are opened every day and maintained properly.
Source : The Timnes of India

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File No. 26-05/2012-PAP
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(Establishment Division)
Dak Bhawan,Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110 001
Dated :18.10. 2012
All Chief Postmasters General,
Postmasters General
 General Managers (Finance)
/Deputy Directors of Accounts (Postal)
Subject: - Productivity Linked Bonus for the Accounting year 2011-2012
                        I am directed to convey the approval of the President of India for payment of Productivity Linked Bonus for the accounting year 2011-2012 equivalent of emoluments of 60 (Sixty) days to the employees of Department of Posts in Group `D`,Group `C` and non Gazetted Group `B`. Ex-gratia payment of Bonus to Gramin Dak Sevaks who are regularly appointed after observing all appointment formalities and Ad-hoc payment of Bonus to Casual labourers who have been conferred Temporary Status are also to be paid equivalent to allowance/wages respectively for 60 (sixty) Days for the same period/year.
1.1      The calculation for the purpose of payment of Bonus under each category will be done as indicated below.
 2.1      Bonus will be calculated on the basis of the following formula:-
Average emoluments X Number of days of Bonus
30.4 (Average no. of days in a month)
2.2. The term “Emoluments” for regular Departmental Employees includes basic Pay in the pay Band plus Grade Pay, Dearness Pay, Personal Pay, Special Pay (Allowance), S.B.Allowance, Deputation (Duty ) Allowance, Dearness Allowance and Training Allowance given to Faculty Members in Training Institutes. In case of drawl of salary exceeding Rs.3500/- (Rs. Three Thousand Five hundred only) in any month during the accounting year 2011-12 the Emoluments shall be restricted to Rs.3500/- (Rs. Three Thousand Five hundred only) per month only.
2.3. “ Average Emoluments” for regular Employees is arrived at by dividing by twelve ,the total salary drawn during the year 2011-12 for the period from 1.4.2011 to 31.3.2012, by restricting each month’s salary to Rs.3500/- (Rs. Three Thousand Five hundred only) per month. However, for the periods of EOL and Dies-Non in a given month, proportionate deduction is required to be made from the ceiling limit of  Rs.3500/- (Rs. Three Thousand Five hundred only)
2.4.  In case of those regular employees who were under suspension, or on whom dies-   non was imposed ,or both, during the accounting year, the clarificatory orders issued vide Paras 1 & 3 respectively of this office order No. 26-8/80-PAP (Pt-I) dated 11.6.81 and No. 26-4/87-PAP (Pt.II) dated 8.2.88 will apply.
2.5. Those employees who resigned, retired, left service or proceeded on deputation within the Department of Posts or those who have proceeded on deputation outside the Department of Posts on or after 1.4.2011 will also be entitled to Bonus. In case of all such employees, the Bonus admissible will be as per provisions of Para 2.1 to 2.3 above.
3.1  In respect of Gramin Dak Sevaks who were on duty throughout the year during 2011-2012, Average monthly Time Related Continuity Allowance will be calculated taking into account the Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA) plus corresponding Dearness Allowance drawn by them for the period from 1.4.2011 to 31.3.2012 divided by 12 (Twelve). However, where the Time Related Continuity Allowance exceeds Rs 2500/- (Rs.Two Thousand Five hundred only) in any month during this period., the allowances will be restricted to  Rs 2500/- (Rs.Two Thousand Five hundred only) per month. Ex-gratia payment of Bonus may be calculated by applying the Bonus formula as mentioned below:-
Average TRCA  X  Number of days of Bonus
30.4 (Average no. of days in a month)
3.2       The allowances drawn by a substitute will not be counted towards Bonus calculation for either the substitute or the incumbent Gramin  Dak Sevaks. In respect of those Gramin Dak Sevaks who were appointed in short term vacancies in Postman/Group `D` Cadre, the clarificatory orders issued vide Directorate letter No. 26-6/89-PAP dated 6.2.1990 and No.  26-7/90-PAP dated 4.7.91 will apply.
3.3       If a Gramin Dak Sevak has been on duty for a part or the year by way of a fresh appointment, or for having been put off duty, or for having left service,he will be paid proportionate ex-gratia Bonus calculated by applying the procedure prescribed in Para 3.1 .
3.4.      Those Gramin Dak Sevaks who have resigned, discharged or left service on or after 1.4.2010 will also be entitled to proportionate ex-gratia Bonus. In case of all such Gramin Dak Sevaks, the Ex-gratia Bonus admissible will be as per provisions of Para 3.1 above.
3.5.      In case of those Gramin Dak Sevaks who were under put off duty or on whom dies non was imposed, or both during the accounting year ,the clarificatory orders issued vide Para 1 & 3 respectively of this office order No. 26-8/80-PAP (Pt I) dated 11.6.81 and No. 26-4/87-PAP (Pt II) will apply.
4.1            Full Time Casual Labourers (including Temporary Status Casual Labourers ) who worked for 8 hours a day, for at least 240 days in a year for three consecutive years or more (206 days in each year for three years or more in case of offices observing 5 days a week) as on 31.3.2012 will be paid ad-hoc Bonus on notional monthly wages of Rs.1200/- (Rupees Twelve Hundred only)
                              The maximum ad-hoc Bonus will be calculated as below:-
                        (Notional monthly wages of Rs.1200) X (Number of days of Bonus)
                                                30.4 (average no. of days in a month)
            Accordingly, the rate of Bonus per day will work out as indicated below:_
                                                Maximum ad-hoc Bonus for the year
            The above rate of Bonus per day may be applied to the number of days for which the services of such casual labourers had been utilized during the period from 1.4.2011 to 31.3.2012. In case where the actual wages in any month fall below Rs. 1200/-during the period 1.4.2011 to 31.3.2012 the actual monthly wages drawn should be taken into account to arrive at the actual ad-hoc Bonus due in such cases.
5.         The amount of Bonus /Ex gratia payment /Adhoc Bonus payable under this order will be rounded to the nearest rupee. The payment of Productivity Linked Bonus as well as the ex-gratia payment and ad-hoc payment will be chargeable to the Head `Salaries` under the relevant Sub –Head of account to which the pay and allowances of the staff are debited. The payment will be met from the sanctioned grant for the year 2012-2013.
6.         After payment, the total expenditure incurred and the number of employees paid  may be ascertained from all units by Circle  and consolidated figures be intimated to the Budget Section of the Department of Posts. The Budget Section will furnish consolidated information to PAP Section about the total amount of Bonus paid and the total number of employees (category-wise) to whom it was distributed for the Department as a whole.
7.            These issues with the concurrence of Integrated Finance Wing vide their diary No. 262/FA/12/Cs dated 18.12.2012.
8.            Receipt of this letter may be acknowledged
Assistant Director General (Estt)


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  1. News on World Post Day and National Postal Week observed by Divisions / Circles

To remind people about the existence and variety of services given in this era of technological advancements, the Jharkhand Circle of the Indian Postal Department is celebrating World Postal Week.
At a Press meet on Tuesday, Chief Postmaster General KK Sinha said, “We celebrate World Postal Week from October 9 every year. It marks the establishment of Universal Postal Union (1874). In 1969, a conference was organised in Tokyo where UPU Congress decided to celebrate World Postal Week.”
“At present, there 1.55 lakh post offices across the country, of which more than 80 per cent are in rural areas. Different kinds of programmes will be organised on each day of the week,” he added. “October 10 will be celebrated as Saving Bank Day, in which information about saving schemes of postal departments will be disseminated. Likewise, October 11 will be celebrated as Mail Day, October 12 as Philately Day, October 13 as Business Development Day and October 15 will be celebrated as Postal Life Insurance Day,” Sinha said.
Customer meets will be organised on October 13 in division offices in the State. School children will be made aware about the channel through which a mail passes.    
World Postal Day celebrations in Vijayawada
A week-long programme will be organised to mark the World Postal Day from October 9, said Vijayawada Director of Postal Services D.S.V.R. Murthy.
A philately workshop, customer meets, visit of school children to postal and mail offices etc. will be part of the celebrations, said Mr. Murthy. All these events were planned to mark the formation of Universal Postal Union on October 9 in 1874, which is celebrated as ‘National Postal Week’ also, he said.
The Department of Postal Services, for the past 156 years, had been catering to the needs of people in mail transfer services, savings bank services and insurance, said Mr. Murthy. Giving details of performance of Vijayawada Region in business development, savings bank, and core banking solutions, he said 2.90 lakh savings bank accounts operations were registered last year.
The department earned Rs.32.36 crore from business services in 2011-12. The services, included speed post, express parcel post, retail post, sale of stamps, commission of money orders etc., he said. In the current fiscal year as of August 12 it had earned Rs.15.83 crore from this sector, he said. The Core Banking Solution was introduced to ensure quick money transfer services to public, said Mr. Murthy. It will help us in providing world class services to customers at reduced cost and time, he said
World postal week organized
KANPUR:World postal week was organised on the occasion of World postal day today at Head post office Bada chauraha kanpur.A mobile van which will spread the message of postal department have been shown green flag by postmaster General Sukhdev Raj.This mobile van will will visit HBTI,Vikas bhavan,Labour office Indian pulse institute,University campus,Police line,Kesa house and other areas of the city.People will be awared about the different schemes and services of postal department like post office saving account,speed post,business post,EPP,money order etc.During postal week World postal day,saving bank day,mail day,philitely day business development day will be celebrated.On this occasion Chief postmaster Narsingh rao,Assistant director S.R Pal and others were present.
World Post Day observed
KOLKATA, 9 OCT:  The West Bengal circle of the Department of posts has taken up several initiatives, including awareness campaign, about the extended services of the department to celebrate the World Post Day.
As a part of their week-long celebration of national postal week, the department is organising a philatelic exhibition on 12 October at Kolkata GPO. Roadshows will also be organised at various places in Kolkata to make people aware of various postal services.
                Thousands of villagers who work under NREGA projects get their wages through the postal department within a very short time. “The wage seekers get their payments within two days through rural post offices. It has been made possible because of the extended services of the department and the dedicated services of the employees,” said Ms Sharda Sampat, post master general, Kolkata. She also said that last year the postal department delivered the question papers of Madhymik and Higher Secondary examination to the examination centres in the remote areas. The revenue of the department has been increased in the West Bengal Circle this year by 26 crore which shows that the department is on the right path of growth, Ms Sampat said. Last year the department had a revenue generation of Rs 536.19 crore in the West Bengal Circle. As a part of its celebration of World Post Day, the department is also planning to organise workshops on postal life insurance in rural areas and important post offices on 15 October.  Sns
Source :


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The Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for the vacant posts of Postman/MailGuard & MTS for the years 2011 & 2012 as per scheduled given in the Directorate letter dated 8th October 2012.
Further it is  ordered by the Competent Authority that the vacancies for the year 2013 may also be included while notifying the Examination and also notifying the vacancies in the same letter.

  1. Postal sector strong in face of change

09.10.2012 - The postal sector plays a decisive role in providing social and economic cohesion, confirmed ministers and other dignitaries at the UPU’s ministerial conference.
 Sachin Pilot, Indian minister for communications and information technology
A government can use the postal network to deliver services that a decade ago may have been impossible, said Sachin Pilot, the Indian minister for communications and information technology, at the UPU’s ministerial conference, held yesterday.
India has the world’s largest postal network with 155,000 post offices across the country, 95 per cent of which are in rural areas. More than 25 million Indians also live outside the country, sending back remittances that amounted to 64 billion USD last year, said Pilot. The Post plays a pivotal role in helping people transfer money from abroad to India. Technology is helping this become seamless, transparent and secure, he added.
While the challenges facing the developing world differ from those of industrialized nations, all countries are vulnerable to economic and technological changes. 
“Conditions and capacities are not the same everywhere,” Harsha Singh, deputy director general of the World Trade Organization said. It can be difficult to implement the most appropriate policies but building cooperative and interactive frameworks should be a key concept of postal services, he advised.
As for the sector’s sustainable growth, this required sustainable infrastructure. “The postal business matters,” said Philip Jennings, UNI Global’s general secretary, representing almost five million postal workers. The infrastructure should connect all citizens, all consumers, all businesses, Jennings added.
In the United States, the continuing shift of communication to the internet has had a serious impact on the finances of the postal industry, said Patrick Donahoe, the US Postal Service’s postmaster general. In the last 10 years, first class mail decreased by half - from 50 billion units to 25 billion – resulting in a loss of 11 billion USD. As mail volume falls, fewer postal employees and facilities are needed, “but the sole purposes of the postal service is to meet the needs of the customers” - an objective that has not changed, Donahoe said.
In China, the opposite trend can be seen. The Post is experiencing growth due to reforms and the introduction of competition, said Ma Junsheng, director general of the State Post Bureau. The market size has increased from 10 billion to 40 billion USD. “We need to establish a postal system adapted to national conditions,” Ma said. “One size does not fit all.”
Edouard Dayan, UPU director general, closed the ministerial meeting noting that the world has changed but the UPU is still playing its role at the vanguard. “The best technology must be available to member countries so that all nations may become protagonists in this revolution,” Dayan said.
Source :

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  1. Decision of CRC held on 26.09.2012 and 01.10.2012 for GDS

No. RE/CRC/2012 (GDS)
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 05th  October 2012
The Postmaster General, Berhampur/ Sambalpur Region
All SSPOs/SPOs/SSRM/SRMs in Odisha Circle
Sub :       Decision of CRC held on 26.09.2012 and 01.10.2012 for GDS
I am directed to intimate that the CRC met on 26.09.2012 and 01.10.2012 for the selection for engagement of dependents of Gramin Dak Sevaks who have died in service and to consider the cases in which there are directions/ orders from Court/ Hon’ble CAT.
The CRC considered 62 cases of GDS for engagement on compassionate ground in accordance with the instruction issued by Department of Posts, New Delhi vide letter Nos. 17-17/2010-GDS dated 14.12.2010 and 1.8.2011, 09.03.2012 and 13.04.2012. Consequent upon the revision of merit points the CRC also reviewed 59 cases of GDS which were considered in the CRC meeting held on 12.12.2011 but rejected, in accordance with the instruction issued vide Directorate letter No. 17-17/2010-GDS dated 09.03.2012.
On application of relative merit points in accordance with the instruction contained in Directorate letter No. 17-17/2010-GDS dated 14.12.2010, 1.8.2011, 09.03.2012 and 13.04.2012 the CRC found the following cases hard and deserving for engagement in the posts of GDS recommended by the concerned units. “Hard and deserving cases” have been defined in Directorate’s letter No. 17-17/2010-GDS dated 01.08.2011,09.03.2012 and 13.04.2012, as those cases where the total merit points on various indigency related attributes are over 50. All these cases scored more than 50 merit points and the candidates possess the requisite educational qualification and fulfil the normal terms and conditions for the concerned post for their engagement. CRC approved these cases for engagement in the posts of GDS recommended by the head of the units concerned as noted against the candidates
 Sl No.
Name of the applicant with relationship & Date of birth
Name of the deceased and date of death
Educational Qualification of the candidate
Total Points awarded
Approved by CRC for engagement as
Krushna Chandra Khura, Son,17.05.1992
Banchha Khura, Ex-GDSMC, Kalapathar BO, 23.03.2009
+2 Arts
GDSMC, Kalapathar BO i/a/w Sonepur MDG (Balangir Dn)
Smt. Kadambini Bisi, Wife, 05.05.1967
Satyanarayan Bisi, Ex-GDSBPM, Fulbari BO, 01.08.2011
Matric Pass
GDSMD, Fulbari BO i.a.w. Bargaon SO (Sundergarh Dn.)
Purna Ch. Nayak, Son, 10.06.93
Kshetrabasi Nayak, Ex-GDSBPM Sagadapata BO, 22.10.2008
+2 Arts
GDS BPM, Sagadapata BO i/a/w Bhagamunda SO (Keonjhar Dn.)
Smt. Sukanti Parida, Wife, 03.02.1985
Ramesh Ch. Parida, Ex-GDSMD/MC, Andhari BO, 04.07.2008
Matric Pass
GDSMD/MC Andhari BO, i/a/w Jajpur Road MDG (Ck.N Dn)
Tapan ku. Malik, Son, 01.06.1984
Sitanath Malik, Ex-GDSMC, Pattamundai-Barapara Line, 03.02.2012
+2 Arts
GDSMC Pattamundai-Barpada Line(CK. ‘N’ Dn.)
Ku. Julipriya Jena, Daughter, 01.05.1992
Duryodhan Jena, Ex-MD, D.N.Pur BO, 24.07.2011
+2 Arts
GDSMD Mandhatapur SO (Puri Dn.)
Debasish Maity, Son, 20.02.87
Ananga Kumar Maity, Ex-GDSMD, Kaithakhola BO,6.3.11
Matric Pass
GDSBPM, Kaithkhola BO i/a/w Dhamara SO (Bhadrak Dn.)
Shashikanta Nayak, son, 05.06.78
Makar Ch. Nayak, Ex-GDSPkr, Ada SO, 24.02.11
BA Pass
GDS Paker, Ada SO (Bhadrak Dn.)
Dibyajyoti Das, Son, 19.07.1984
Malaya Kumar Das, Ex-GDSMD/MC, Panchupada BO, 08.02.2011
Matric Pass
GDS MD/MC, Panchapada BO i/a/w Haladipada SO (Balasore Divn)
Khageswar Gurhandi, Son, 07.05.1988
Tankadhar Gurhandi, Ex-GDSBPM, Jamgaon BO, 21.09.2011
+2 Arts
GDSBPM Jamgaon BO i/a/w R College SO (Bolangir Divn)
Sarada Prasanna Nayak, Son,04.06.1979
S.P.Nayak, Ex-GDSBPM, Adampur BO, 05.07.2011
Matric Pass
GDSBPM Adampur BO i/a/w Kabirpur SO (CK. ‘N’ Dn)
Ashok Kumar Mahanta, Son, 01.04.1990
Gouranga Ch. Mahanta, Ex-GDSMD, Bankia BO, 26.01.2002
Matric Pass
GDSMD Bankia BO i/a/w Karanjia SO (Keonjhar Dn.)
Smt. Riteswari Sahu, Wife, 04.06.1985
Radhanath Sahu, Ex-GDSBPM, Bargaon BO, 27.09.2007
Matric Pass
GDSBPM Bargaon BO i/a/w Borda SO (Kalahandi Dn.)
Pradyumna Panda, Son, 17.07.93
Laxminarayan Panda, Ex-GDSMD, Rangali BO, 17.12.2009
Matric Pass
GDSMC Rengali BO i/a/w Lachhipur SO (Balangir Dn.)
Puspanjali Deep, Daughter, 03.05.1993
Bira Deep, ex-GDSMC, Mahalai BO, 03.09.2011
Matric Pass
GDSMC,Mahalia BO, i/a/w Jarasingha SO (Balangir Dn
Miss Bani Deep, Daughter, 25.10.1991
Bidya Deep, Ex-GDSMD, Balangir HO, 16.09.2008
+2 Arts
GDSMC, Manoharpur BO i/a/w R College SO (Balangir Dn.)
Dibya Lochan Mahanta, Son, 30.06.92
Raj Kishore Mahanta, Ex-GDSMD/MC, Thakurpada BO, 04.01.2011
Matric Pass
GDSMD/MC Thakurpada BO i/a/w Harichandanpur SO (keonjhar Dn.)
Dambarudhar Majhi, Son, 26.04.77
Gountia Majhi, Ex-GDSBPM, Dholmandal BO, 30.06.2011
BA Pass
GDSBPM Dholmandal BO i/a/w H.S.Road SO (Balangir Dn.)
Santosh Ku. Naik,Son, 05.01.1980
Haladhar Naik, Ex-GDSBPM, Bhuyan Roida BO, 14.07.2005
Matric Pass
GDSMD/MC Bhuyan Roida BO i/a/w Barbil MDG (Keonjhar Dn).
Amaresh Tripathy, Son,10.06.1992
Arun kumar tripathy, Ex-GDSMD, Chhatia SO, 31.08.2011
Matric pass
GDSMD Chhatia SO (CK. ‘S’ Dn.)
Abinash Kumar Nath, Son, 04.03.1986
Narayan Nath, Ex-GDSBPM,Galagandapalli BO, 16.08.2011
B.A. Pass
GDSBPM Golagandapali BO i/a/w Rambha SO (Behampur)
Review Cases
Smt. Kamalini Sahu, Wife, 06.07.1973
Late Ambarish Sahu, Ex-GDSBPM,Hirapur BO, 13.11.2009
Matric pass
GDSBPM Hirapur BO i/a/w Loisingha SO (Balangir Dn.)
Ms Priyanka Bidyadhar, Daughter, 11.05.1992
Krushna Prasad Bidyadhar,Ex-GDSBPM,Badanuagaon BO, 07.04.2011
+ 2 Arts
GDSBPM Badanuagaon BO i/a/w Harichandanpur SO
(Keonjhar Dn.)
Jyoti Prakash Nayak, Son, 18.5.83
Jagannath Nayak, Ex-GDSBPM, Hatapur BO, 13.8.09
Matric Pass
GDSBPM Hatpur BO i/a/w Ghanteswar SO (Bhadrak Dn.)
Ananta Prasad Nayak, Son,3.6.92
Nityananda Nayak, Ex-GDSPkr, Dolasahi SO, 1.3.06
Matric Pass
GDSPacker Dolasahi SO (Bhadrak Dn.)
Bibhudatta Jena, Son 2.10.82
Bhramarbar Jena, ex-GDSMD/MC, Raichand BO, 30.5.2010
Matric Pass
GDSMD/MC Raichand BO i/a/w Karilopatna SO (CK. ‘N’ Dn.)
Sagar Kumar Rout, Son 28.06.1979
Sunakar Rout, Ex-GDSBPM, Barimund BO, 28.6.1979
Matric Pass
GDSBPM Barimunda BO i/a/w/ Fulnakhara SO
(CK. City Dn.)
Fanibhusan Bez, Son, 22.05.1981
Late Satyananda Bez, Ex-GDSBPM, B.K.H.D.Pur BO, 17.08.2010
Matric Pass
GDSBPM B.K.Haladharpur i/a/w Ghatagaon SO
(Keonjhar Dn.)
On application of relative merit points in accordance with the instruction contained in Directorate letter Nos. 17-17/2010-GDS dated 14.12.2010 and 1.8.2011, 09.03.2012 and 13.04.2012 the CRC found the following cases hard and deserving for engagement in the posts of GDS recommended by the concerned units. CRC approved these cases for engagement in the posts of GDS (other than GDS BPM) recommended by the head of the unit concerned as the candidates possess the requisite minimum educational qualification, but do not have preferential educational qualification of matriculation standard for those GDS BPMs.
Sl No.
Name of the applicant with relationship & Date of birth
Name of the deceased and date of death
Educational Qualification of the candidate
Total Points awarded
Approved by CRC for engagement as
Bulu Nayak, Son, 01.10.1992
Manual Nayak, Ex-GDSMC, Badangia BO, 15.12.2009
GDSMC Badangia BO i/a/w Daringbadi SO (Phulbani Dn.)
Smt. Hema Mahananda, Wife, 24.09.56
Purusottam Mahanand, Ex-GDSBPM, Kamarlaga BO, 17.01.2009
GDSMP Saintala SO (Balangir Dn.)
Jitendra Pattanayak, Son,
Ramesh Ch. Pattanayak,Ex-GDSMD, D.Pattapur BO, 24.04.2007
IX Pass
GDSMD D.Patapur BO i/a/w Bhatakumurda SO (Berhampur)
Laxmidhar Rout, Son, 18.03.92
Muralidhar Rout, Ex-GDSMC, Bandhagaon BO, 15.12.10
GDSMC Bandhagaon BO i/a/w Charampa SO (Bhadrak Dn.)
Rasmi Ranjan Rana, Son, 16.07.86
Baishnab Rana, Ex-GDSMD, Naren BO, 14.09.2011
IX Pass
GDSMD Bankel BO i/a/w Muribahal SO (Balangir Dn.)
Pankaj Nayak, Son, 17.07.85
Hrudananda Nayak, Ex-GDSBPM, Tavasarua BO, 16.10.2008
IX Pass
GDSMD, Tavasarua BO (Keonjhar Dn)
Biswajit Kanhar, Son, 20.07.1983
Bibachha Kanhar, Ex-GDSMD, Adasipada BO, 25.02.2009
IX Pass
GDSMC Adasipada BO i/a/w Gumagarh SO (Phulbani Dn.)
Gobardhan Patra, Son, 04.04.1985
S.Patra, Ex-GDSMD/MC, Badkhaman BO, 06.04.2010
IX Pass
GDSMD/MC Badakhaman BO i/a/w Mudadiha SO (Mayurbhanj Dn)
Abhimanyu Karua, Son,08.06.1982
Arjun Charan Karua, Ex-GDSMD, Swampatna SO, 21.07.2009
IX Pass
GDSMD Swampatna SO (Keonjhar Dn.)
Smt. Anuradha Das, Wife, 05.09.1957
Nabadeep Ch. Das, Ex-GDSMD, Kodandapur BO, 11.06.2011
IX Pass
GDSMD/MC Kodandapur BO i/a/w Debidwar SO (CK. ‘N’ Dn)
Review Cases
Pratap Kumar Barik, Son 13.02.1974
Basanta Kumar Barik, Ex-GDSMD, Parbatipur BO,9.10.04
GDSMD Parbatipur BO i/a/w Biridi Road SO (CK. ‘S’ Dn.)
Ramakrishna Bez, Son, 05.03.1987
Late Haribandhu Bez, Ex-GDSMD, Patla BO, 24.02.2009
GDSMD Patla BO i/a/w Meramandali SO (Dhenkanal Dn.)
Sudhir Mahananda, Son, 21.05.1979
Late Purusottam Mahananda, Ex-GDSBPM, Kamarlaga BO, 17.01.2009
IX pass
GDSMC Kumbhari BO i/a/w Saintala SO (Balangir Dn.)
Bhaskar Mahakuda, Son,
Sridhar Mahakuda, Ex-GDSMD, PDGuda BO, 11.01.2006
IX pass
P.D.Guda BO i/a/w Bissam Cuttack SO (Koraput Dn.)
Abhimanyu Jena, Son, 11.04.1988
Late B.S.Jena, Ex-GDSMC-II, S.Balang BO, 12.07.2010
IX pass
GDSMC-II S.Balang BO i/a/w Kenaveta SO (Sundergarh Dn.)
Dibyagyana Barik, Son,5.3.1993
Harish Chandra Barik, Ex-GDSMC, Kundabai BO, 6.2.2011
IX Pass
GDSMC Kundabai BO i/a/w B.C.Pur SO (Mayurbhanj Dn.)
Smt. Susama Sundari Nayak, Wife, 03.05.1961
Bholanatha Nayak, Ex-GDSBPM, Kanchapada BO, 6.7.08
X Pass (11 year Matric)
GDSMD-Cum-MC Kalasapur BO i/a/w Balikhand SO (Bhadrak DN.)
Hamsar Khan, Son, 25.2.82
Sukur Khan, Ex-GDSMC, Malud BO, 17.12.08
VIII pass
GDSPacker Banapur LSG S O ( Puri Divn.)
Jitendra Sing, Son, 1.6.90
Jogendranath Sing, Ex-GDSMD, Puruna Baripada SO, 10.11.09
VIII pass
GDSMD Puruna Baripada SO (Mayurbhanj Dn)
The selection of candidates for engagement of GDS as in Part-I and II above is subject to the following conditions:
1.             No material fact that would adversely affect their selection on relaxation ground is suppressed by the candidates in the synopsis submitted by them.
2.             The selection can be cancelled at any time if any error is detected in the information supplied by them which has aided their selection.
3.             If any error is detected after the candidate is engaged as GDS on relaxation ground, the engagement will be terminated forthwith.
4.             The candidates on their engagement as GDS will take care of the family members of GDS. A declaration to this effect has to be obtained and kept on record.
5.             The candidates selected above will have to fulfil all the conditions as prescribed by the Department before their engagement.
It is requested to take further necessary action at your end for engagement of candidates selected for GDS as per Part-I and II above.
Asst. Director (Accts/ Rectt)
For CPMG, Odisha Circle
Posted by: AIPEU GDS (NFPE) Odisha Circle.