Tuesday, June 19, 2012


There is limit for everything. Ever since the GDS union was formed in 1999 the Chief Executive of the Union, started abusing NFPE and its leadership. He joined hands with those petty- minded “anti-NFPE” lobby and betrayed the cause of GDS. He betrayed Corn. Adinarayan, the Legendary Leader of the Postal Trade Union movement who sacrificed his whole life for GDS. He objected even shouting the slogan “NFPE Zindabad’.
This “anti-NFPE” lobby started looting the GDS money. They never published the accounts in the journal. They purchased flats and buildings in their own name using GDS money. They became Trade Union Zarnindars’! They never cared for the GDS. They surrendered before the Postal Board fearing vigilance enquiries against their amassing of disproportionate wealth.!
Utilizing this opportunity, the Govt. snatched away alt the benefits of the GDS, one by one. Bonus ceiling reduced; cash handling amount raised; stamps sale amount raised; 25% outside quota for Postmen recruitment notified; compassionate appointment curtailed; thousands of GDSMC, GDSSV, GDSMM posts abolished; TRCA reduced.; no full protection for existing TRCA and finally the GDS Employment rules are changed as “Engagement rules”
All those benefits fought and got by the NFPE, was snatched away, but the Trade Union Zamindars are least worried. . They want money  only. They want donation from .GDS arrears. They want donation for building fund. They collected the money and finally swallowed it all. Crores and crores of rupees had seem to be looted. Poor GDS suffered a lot. Finally they bursted out at Amravati. The “anti-N FPE” lobby was exposed like anything. Those comrades who loved NFPE, who opposed corruption, who lost everything, openly told the Trade Union Zamindar that “You, KING IS NAKED”. Everything including the crores worth “Ambani Bhavan” was exposed.
Majority of the delegates decided to form a new union for the GDS. A Union which will stand by the ideal of great leaders like Tarapada, Dada Ghosh, KG Bose, N J lyer and Adinarayana. A union which is corruption-free. A union which is dedicated to the cause of GDS. A union which will not surrender before the administration. A union which will join hands with NFPE. A union which will continue its uncompromising fight against all injustices meted out by the Govt. against the GDS. A union which shall regain the honour, dignity and glory of the GDS. The name of the union is “All India Postal Employees union GDS (NFPE). Let every GDS join this union and let us start a new era.
Let us once again prove that “we have immense potentiality and capable of moving heaven and earth”. Let us organize ourselves. Let us organize with determination. We are sure that success will knock at our doors.
Courtesy : GDS Crusader, Vol.1, No.1
Posted by:AIPEU GDS (NFPE) Odisha Circle.                                                                                     

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